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NEWSGROUPS , alt.suicide.methods , alt.suicide , alt.depression , talk.euthanasia (ASH) unmoderated newsgroup. Wide-ranging discussions. Good place to check out if you're feeling suicidal and want to talk with people who *really* understand (plus occasional trolls or other lowlifes). Not for the faint-hearted.

Alt.suicide.methods (ASM) unmoderated newsgroup. Similar viewpoint as ASH, more focused subject.

Alt.suicide (AS) unmoderated newsgroup. Wider range of views than the previous newsgroups.

Alt.depression (AD) unmoderated newsgroup.

"" domain. [several groups]


Balanced/neutral information

Biomedical ethics readings on the Web   Brief summary and excellent links to a wide range of topics.

Canadian Med. Assn. J. - May 15, 1997 / "Bioethics for clinicians: Euthanasia and assisted suicide." Canadian perspective.

Doctor-Assisted Suicide--a guide to web sites and the literature.

Doctor-Assisted Suicide-- a guide to Journal and Newspaper Articles.

Issues and Controversies: Assisted Suicide   From the folks at "Facts on File".

"Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide: All Sides".    More light than heat.

Legaldocs. State-by-state Living Will (but not other end-of-life) documents.

Pro choice/suicide (ASH) website.  Frequently Asked Questions, links.

A Practical Guide to Suicide.  Excerpts from newsgroup postings.

Compassion in Dying   Helps terminally-ill people "...who choose rational suicide after reaching the limits of benefit from medical therapy."

Encouraging Suicide -- Frequently Asked Questions.   A bit heavy-handed...but different.   Well-organized links. However, another site that avoids mention of "Suicide and Attempted Suicide..."

Euthanasia World Directory.  Omits any mention of "Suicide and Attempted Suicide..." both in its "Bibliography of How-to Books" and its "Books" sections. Feel free to write and ask them why.

Hemlock Society.

Last Rights Information Centre.   Some good information, but frustrating organization.

Suicide prevention/intervention

American Assn. Of Suicidology.   Includes local hotline phone numbers. Site may use "web bugs".

Depression, Suicide, & Crisis Web Links  at Well organized collection of links. --- “Suicide Prevention, Depression Support, and Anxiety Panic Attacks ... with a sense of humor.”

International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force Home Page.  Good source of anti-euthanasia/assisted-suicide arguments, links, and data.

MEDLINEplus:  Suicide. US gov't (and gov't-approved) sites.

Mental Health Net - Suicide Resources. Good links, rates suicide sites.

suicide @ - suicide information and education.

Suicide Information and Education Center (SIEC) - Suicide prevention, research, and information on suicide and suicidal behaviour.

Suicide Sites - Mental Health Resources Net Links.   Prevention/intervention focus.

Thinking about Suicide. Self-help and suicide prevention info.

Warning signs of suicide.

Youth Suicide Prevention Programs. CDC website


Rumen Nikolov's site provides an excellent, well-annotated list of consumer- and professional-level drug-info links. (However, it may contain "web bugs".), formerly "The Mining Company". Provides a good, annotated list of consumer-level drug-info links.

Martindale's: huge, comprehensive, overwhelming compendium of medical links.

Consumer-level drug info: USP Vol-1 drug database.

Drug Infonet. Well-annotated medical-drug links.

Rx-list. Database of more than 4,000 prescription and over the counter (US) drug products. The search engine employs 'fuzzy' logic which enables one to often find a name even when it is misspelled.

Forensic Pathology

Forensic Pathology : tutorials, photos, slides.

Zeno's Forensic Medicine Links.

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