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Suicide and other traumatic injury photos and drawings. Warning: Gory!

Organized alphabetically by method. Source: found on the web, unless otherwise noted. If this is your material, please let me know whether you want to be credited, have the item removed, or some other alternative.

  • Why pictures?

    Some things can't be adequately described in words. If that doesn't answer your question, try: To inform would-be suicides---people should know what they're getting into.

  • Why these pictures?

    Some of them are poor quality (generally scans of photocopies of not-very-good medical images), but may still illustrate the intended point/information. They will be replaced if, when, and as I find others. Feel free to send better ones to me, or point me to them.

  • Why so many pictures?

    Part of what I'm trying to do is to show potential suicides what's likely to happen. I really don't know if "more" is better, worse, or irrelevant for that purpose, but I'd rather err on the side of too much than too little.

  • Why so gory?

    If anything, many of the photos are not graphic enough, as a number of them were cleaned up for their original forensic purpose, and they are less realistic for "what-might-happen-if-you-do-this" purposes.

  • Why not only suicide pictures?

    While I'm trying to show the effects of suicide attempts, the physical results are similar to homicide or accident by the same means. In addition, many of the trauma images found on the web don't specify suicide/homicide/accident.

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