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List of Tables

Below is a series of tables, providing selected numerical U.S. and International suicide data. Suicide and homicide rates are per 100,000 people per year unless otherwise noted. U.S. data are from Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, Ga. unless otherwise indicated. Statistical reliability of their data not shown, but avalable at the CDC website (

International Data

  • International Classification of Disease (ICD) codes

  • International suicide rates, 1970, 1980, 1988

  • International suicide data: youth and overall rates

  • International suicide rates (1990) for 20 countries by age and sex; sorted by overall rate

    U.S. Data

  • Suicide and homicide rates, U.S., 1900-94.

  • Suicide, all methods, 1979-94, by year

  • Suicide, all methods, 1979-94, by sex and age.

  • Suicide, all methods, 1979-94, by age and year

  • Suicide, cuts, 1979-94, by year

  • Suicide, drugs, 1979-94, by year

  • Suicide, non-household gases (mostly vehicle carbon monoxide), by year

  • Suicide, vehicular carbon monoxide

  • Suicide, hanging, 1979-94, by year

  • Suicide, hanging and other asphyxia, 1979-94, by year

  • Suicidal asphyxia by means of plastic bag, 1979-94, by year

  • Suicide, drowning, 1979-94, by year

  • Suicide, drowning, 1990-94, by age and sex

  • Accidental drowning, 1979-94, by age and sex

  • Suicide, guns, 1979-94, by year

  • Suicide, jumps, 1979-94, by year

    Book-related tables

    The following esoteric tables were appendices to "Suicide and Attempted Suicide: Methods and Consequences" that didn't make the editor/publisher's cut. They will likely be of little interest without the book.

  • Reasons given for suicidal drowning by elderly people, Miami, Florida

  • Length of time terminally ill (AIDS, cancer) patients would want to live if treatment left them totally dependant on family and friends

  • Student and pathologist estimates of suicide methods: pain, speed, lethality

  • Some drugs that can cause unconsciousness

  • Carbon monoxide: concentration, time, and symptoms

  • Fatal Drug Toxicity Index

  • Fatal Toxicity Index for Antidepressants

  • Nontoxic ingested substances

  • Long-term outcomes for survivors of gunshot wounds to the head

  • Gunshot suicide: distribution of target sites

  • Immigrants' suicide rates, selected countries

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